President Biden’s Inaugural Address,
a CTA for All UX Designers

“Defined by Common Objects of Their Love”

We have been called to BOLD ACTION NOW.

President Biden’s inaugural speech is a cry for all Americans, UX designers in particular, to know what is important and to act.

I was deeply inspired by President Biden’s inaugural speech yesterday, and as a designer you should be too. Here’s why: His CTA (Call To Action) was for all Americans, but his desire and language directly translates into what we, as designers by trade do and why we do it. (read his entire address)

Delivered with command, the new (debatable) Leader of the Free World declared,

“Many centuries ago, St. Augustine, a saint of my church, wrote that ‘a people was a multitude defined by the common objects of their love.’”

Defined by the common objects of their love.

While theologians jump to consider whether this was an appropriate reference, I urge you to consider the concept for yourself. What are the objects of your love? Beyond the obvious, “my parents, my partner, my kids, my dog” the objects of our love are the things we give our attention to in each moment. We have the opportunity to craft “user experiences” and make the world a better place with our design. Clearly, we love to solve problems. To rise to new challenges. To work together so tomorrow can be brighter, healthier, and more inclusive.

If we could choose to keep politics out of design as folks have urged Steven Heller, me and probably you too to do I wonder, Can we? Should we?

Is it even possible?

photos courtesy New York Times

I think not, though we can do it carefully, gently, and with an eye toward unity in order to give rise to all the majestic qualities that President Biden knows America offers us:







As a designer in 2021, where will you choose to focus your attention?

The world is our oyster.

photo courtesy Daniel Olah
photo courtesy Igor Starkov

What will your next love object be?

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