How might we enable AI to help rather than replace parents?

Can a robot parent better than a human? What are the consequences of utilizing bots to facilitate the soft, humane skills of parenting? Do we consider deeply enough what tools we buy for our kids and for ourselves? If…

Photo of a young woman in a crowd of protesters marching together. She is wearing a COVID mask and holding up a cardboard sign with the hand painted message, “YOU CAN JAIL THE REVOLUTIONARY, BUT YOU CAN’T JAIL THE REVOLUTION”

I rarely respond to random surveys or provide voluntary feedback. My time, like yours, is so limited and fleeting that I’ve decided only an idiot would pour themselves into offering feedback to every organization asking for it after each “experience,” from customer service phone calls, to online shopping experiences, to…

Beautiful, vulnerable, authentic. You are EXACTLY the type of designer the world needs! Thank you for this. Oh, and don't forget to consider: "Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by assholes." -Freud or William Gibson

My buddy ended his life six days ago. At first I wrote, “My buddy put a gun to his head last week,” but since I don’t actually know the details of his method of execution, I can’t say that. …

Simplicity of and Notes app

Unwittingly and unfortunately, I tend to wallow in complexity and procrastination, lost somewhere in this flow:

The Procrastination Flowchart, by The Chris Voss Show, a complicated, humorous flow showing patterns of human distraction.

But once I steer my attention to what matters, a meaningful life, I am able to escape procrastination. To analyze how I do this I took a look at the patterns used in my…

If we love our dark patterns are they really dark?

If we have knowingly accepted our addictions, does this relieve us of the moral obligation to change them?

A brawl broke out in my house this morning. Me, a UX designer and screen addict and my husband, also a screen addict. Topic: YouTube autoplay default setting.

I thought it was…

“Defined by Common Objects of Their Love”

We have been called to BOLD ACTION NOW.

President Biden’s inaugural speech is a cry for all Americans, UX designers in particular, to know what is important and to act.

I was deeply inspired by President Biden’s inaugural speech yesterday, and as a…

René Otto

Meaningful Life Advocate, UX Designer, Educator, Performer, Mother

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